Who is Damos Designs?

A Decade of Professional Creative Experience

Damos Designs is a creative content studio that delivers multidimensional visual art, solely owned and operated by Damien Lee Fey Gilliams a.k.a “Damo”. As an experienced designer, developer, and producer, Damo provides a high-end experience using all kinds of visual mediums. Damo hunts for projects he is truly passionate about and is especially interested in building long term business relationships founded on quality teamwork and communication. Damo craves a good challenge.

Damos Designs brings ideas to life. You need your content to jump off the screen and capture the attention of your target customers. You want to captivate your users with visuals that transcend the boring boilerplate options you see everywhere else. You want more than just an advertisement that gets likes.

Damo will meticulously design and choreograph a scene that showcases the best features of your idea. Using high quality materials, professional lighting techniques, and finely tuned camera angles, your products and ideas will mesmerize your targeted audience.

Damo has a decade of creative experience designing and developing for organizations of all sizes. Some you’ve heard of like State Farm and BMW, others you haven’t like Scozzari Roof Services and the No Name Sports Bar. His designs have shipped on products around the country and his games have been sold internationally. Damo holds a Digital Arts and Sciences, Software Engineering Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida and has been producing content as Damos Designs since 2012.

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