3D Printed Spinning Photo Christmas Ornaments!

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Hold on to your Santa Hats!

It’s been an exciting week at Damos Designs. We’re doing the Holiday Season right with the latest and greatest in 3D Printed Christmas Décor. Who could forget the bouncing excitement of Springy Christmas Trees, then the memories of the V1 photo ornaments. Now, taking those ornaments in a new direction, Damos Designs is proud to announce Spinning Photo Christmas Ornaments! This set comes with ornaments without logos on them in addition to the branded ornament.

If you’d like a custom logo on the ornament or an entirely custom ornament, Contact Damos!

Print them in all the colors! Print in many sizes for the right photo fit! Hang them from everything!

Happy Holidays!


3D Print them with no supports, stick some photos in there!

Free Download

Download the 3D files from Thingiverse