Springy Christmas Trees!

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Just in time for Christmas… Springy Trees have arrived!

The latest and greatest in 3D Printed Christmas Decor.

They print flat with minimal material to pop up and construct a Christmas tree! Give them to your friends flat and watch their face light up with delight as they stretch a Christmas tree to life!

Print them in multicolor to match your coworkers favorite sports teams!

Print it large enough to wear it like a hat!

Hang them from everything!

Keep an eye out for Christmas ornaments coming soon!

Happy Holidays!


  • To print in multicolor, open in your slicer and select the option to split the object into parts. There are 4 parts that can be colored: two spirals, the star, and the star base.
  • If your slicer allows, slow down the layers that are printing the star. You’ll get a much cleaner print.
  • Once printed, DON’T PULL UP FROM THE STAR. In 6/7 trees tested it wasn’t actually an issue. However, you can achieve the same stretchy fun by pushing from within first and then pulling up from the top coil.

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