Huge Beer Pong Challenges Virtual Reality

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“Huge Beer Pong Challenges VR is a single player compilation of challenges and secret desires; a playground of inspiration; and an escape to a place of ball bouncing, cup draining, heart sinking awesomeness.”

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Huge Beer Pong Challenges

For Christmas 2017 I released my first Virtual Reality experience for the HTC Vive and Oculus Go. It was a six month project developed and produced by myself. The intent was to build whatever I could imagine while learning Virtual Reality development. I never could have finished this project without the love and support of my friends and family. All of the music is 100% original; composed and performed by my musically inclined friends.

Development of HBPCVR

HBPCVR was developed using Unity3D. The scripting is written in C#. All original models were made in Blender.


The word “Challenges” in the name has a double meaning. Yes, the game is comprised of levels that are “Challenges” to complete, but the game itself is a compilation of “Challenges” I set for myself to complete.

A List of the “Challenges” I completed

  1. Throw a giant ball into a building sized cup off of an even bigger building.
  2. Build a Virtual Reality Experience
    • Learn how the VR sensors/controllers take input
    • Research other experiences to analyze what feels “right”
    • Test game mechanics and pick one I enjoy (Throwing things)
  3. Release for both major VR platforms, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
    • Own both systems, develop on both systems, test on both systems
    • Check the controller type on launching to know which assets to display throughout the experience
    • Remap controls based on platform
  4. Find Music
    • Encourage friends of mine that create music to create
  5. Throw a TV off my balcony
    • 3D model the building I lived in
    • 3D model my TV
    • Animate a helicopter circling the building with a cup to throw the TV into
  6. Use NASA’s free assets
    • assess the library for appropriate assets
    • use assets to create a scene on Mars
    • Throw Space shuttle back to Earth
  7. During the exciting release of 360 cameras I wanted to find a use for the 360 pictures I was taking.
    • Inside each ball is a 360 photo: putting a world inside a ball inside a VR game.
    • If you stick your head through the sliding glass doors on the balcony, you’re inside a 360 photo of my old bedroom.
    • The skybox for the credits level is actually a 360 photo of the inside of a tree.