COVID-19 Assistance Program

Stronger Together

Is your business suffering due to the virus?

Stay strong. Stay Confident. Together we can make it happen! 2020 has been quite a year for many of us. Many businesses won’t make it to 2021. If you are struggling to get new customers, let’s talk. Tell me about your situation. With a short advertisement, we can inexpensively get the attention of your target customers.

No Money?

Can't afford to advertise right now? Did you know that you can target thousands of new customers for as little as $1 a day? Can't afford content for an advertisement? This is a time for everyone to help each other. "Damos" intentionally translates to "We Give" in multiple languages. Reach out and let's talk about it. We can work on a payment or bartering plan.

Talk to me

You can also contact me directly at
Thank you for your interest.