Designing Avatar Assets for

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Damo the Bounty Hunter

October 5th, 2018 I committed my first bounty to

Gitcoin Mission

  • “Gitcoin is a mission and value-oriented distributed movement intended to drive change and grow open source.” - from the website
  • The Damos Translation: Work on open source projects and get paid for it.

My First Bounty: The Triple Ponytail

After leaving my corporate job behind in Atlanta and escaping to San Diego, I needed to start building my freelance contracts up in order to keep the money coming in. I had heard of Gitcoin earlier in the year from my research in cryptocurrencies. While reading through the available bounties I came across an issue where Gitcoin itself needed assets for their avatar builder. They were requesting for assets like hair, facial features, clothes, and accessories. It’s an avatar builder, the idea is to cover as many types of people as possible so everyone feels represented. One of the requests was for more feminine assets to encourage women who code to make an avatar. I went to work and the Gitcoin Triple Ponytail was born.

Gitcoin Triple Pony Asset