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Hey there! I’m Damien, but you can call me Damo if you prefer. I graduated from University of Florida with a Computer Engineering: Digital Arts and Sciences degree in 2015.

Damos Designs was first founded as a T-Shirt/promotional product design company in 2012 to put myself through college without student loans. The name was picked from a childhood nickname and since “damos” also means we give in Spanish. Giving back has always been a part of the plan. After two years of sales, shipping 200+ designs across the country, my focus shifted to software in addition to digital art.

My experience spreads across the continuum of technology: building Virtual Reality experiences, 3D modeling assets, 3D printing prototypes, Chrome Extensions, Chromecast Applications, Android Applications, Android for Auto, Android Wear, building custom high end computers, mining cryptocurrency, and creating multidimensional digital art.

Thanks for visiting my website. Hopefully you learned something new and you’re inspired to start your next project.

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