Ashes, Pencil Shavings

 · 1 min read

The Video

Learning In Progress

Ashes, Pencil Shavings is a learning experience disguised as a music video. In making it I was able to learn new techniques for software I regularly use for work as well as learn new software. Check out the automated webstore I launched along with the video to get limited edition merch!

Software Used

  • FL Studio music composition
  • Blender 3D modeling and animation
  • Adobe After Effects 2D modeling and animation
  • Adobe Premiere Pro video editing
  • Adobe Illustrator 2D graphics
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Hands on camera work

In launching the webstore, I…

  • implemented AWS lambda backend services for RESTful calls
  • wrote my own API for returning secure responses from vendors
  • consumed API and webhooks from Snipcart, Printful and Paypal
  • made some sweet soft hoodies

The Song